CGSM will continue and enhance our capability to collect high quality, long-term data sets from which useful (in practical and scientific terms) geophysical and solar physical parameters can be derived. Continuous knowledge of these parameters provides a straightforward means of monitoring the state of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system, the rate of energy input from the solar wind to the magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere system, solar activity, and solar wind speed. CGSM will be able to provide summary and space weather data products in real-time. CGSM has an "open" data policy. Data is available directly from the PI institutes or via the Canadian Space Science Data Portal.

CGSM Data:

Canadian Space Science Data Portal (CSSDP) Central Archive  
SuperDARN HF Radar  
CADI Digital Ionosonde  
F10.7 Solar Flux Monitor  
NORSTAR ASI, Riometer, MSP Realtime
CARISMA Magentometer  
CANMOS Magnetometer  


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